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Donation Information

ChatChannel needs your support!

Running an IRC network is an expensive hobby that generally is not a profitable venture. ChatChannel is currently accepting monetary donations as well as hardware donations to help support the network and keep it running well into the future. Please help us keep this network running by helping us pay for the costs to run it.

If everyone chips in on the bill, the amount of money needed per person is very low. Any amount is enough, and there is no minimum amount required to donate. Feel free to click the 'Make a Donation' link below to support us via PayPal.

If you'd like, feel free to contact me on IRC as well as via e-mail at for more information on donations and where they go. After a successful donation, we will post your name on this page along with the others who have contributed to ChatChannel!

For those of you who can not, will not, or just don't feel like using PayPal, an address for snail mail donations will be posted here once one is established. Click the link below to donate via paypal:

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