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You can now connect to ChatChannel securely! All of the servers above support SSL encrypted connections on port 9000. Use /server -e in mIRC to connect using SSL today!

New Command Tutorials Posted - Posted 02:26:23AM - July 26, 2006 by Admin
WebChat.Org has been nice enough to compile a list of the new commands/features of the new version of IRCD software that we are running on ChatChannel. The ConferenceRoom 3.x series has integrated many of the old services commands and functions directly into the IRCD to make remembering long, complicated commands easier. This guide, originally posted on WebChat.Org, has been mirrored on our site, located at Please Read over this guide and if you have any further questions, feel free to /join #Help and ask us for support. Thanks again for choosing ChatChannel!

Network Software Updates - Posted 03:55:23PM - July 22, 2006 by Admin
We recently updated the software that the network runs to the latest version of ConferenceRoom. This latest version has some minor changes including the way that you identify to your nickname when you connect. Upon connection, if you are using a registered nickname, your nickname will be changed to Guest followed by some random numbers. A way to keep your nickname without having it 'Guested' is to supply your nickname password under the Server password option, which is part of the server properties dialog in mIRC. Otherwise you will just have to change back to your nickname by using the /nick <nickname> <password> command (Note: some clients require you to use /raw or /quote before the rest of the nick command because they do not pass all of the arguments to the server). If you have any further questions, please /join #Help on the IRC network and ask your questions in there, or e-mail us at Thanks!

Nickname/Channel Registration - Posted 02:34:35AM - November 21, 2005 by Admin
ChatChannel has been without services for some time now. We have brought the network services up today, and since we have lost all of our databases, it will be required that you re-register your nicknames and channels. It is very important that you register only the nicknames and channels that you are the owner of. Anyone who registers things that do not belong to them, will have their own personal nicks and channels permanently frozen. This will be strictly enforced, and there will be no exceptions. We will notify you when the services are going back online, but it wont be for a few more days because we want everyone to know the rules that were previously stated in this message. Thank you for being so patient and I'm glad that you are still a part of the ChatChannel IRC Network.

New Happenings! Posted 8:14:52PM - January 30, 2005 by Admin
We recently had a new addition to the network, in the linking of Thanks to mage, we now have a high speed link located in florida which should be a welcome addition to those east coast users. We are also upgrading the connection that poweredge is on within the next few weeks, as well as possibly linking in some more servers! Stay tuned for more info as it happens...
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